and answers

1. What are the risks?

We guarantee our investors the fulfillment of our obligations, in accordance with the regulations of your chosen deposit plan and / or affiliate program. As well as complete preservation of investment funds and personal information.

2. How to start?

To become a member of the system, register. Registration is free and will take a couple of minutes. Log into your personal account by entering your username and password, select a payment system, a tariff plan and open a deposit. After opening a deposit, you will automatically become a member of the system and will receive a profit on investment.

3. How to register on the company's website?

To register, click "Register" and fill in all the required fields.

4. Can I be sure of the security of my data?

Yes, the company guarantees our investors the protection and security of personal data. We do not transfer personal data of clients to third parties! Our site is protected from various types of attacks, and all transmitted data is encrypted.

5. Who can become a member of the system?

Anyone who has reached the age of majority can become a member of the system.

6. How many accounts can I create?

You can create only one account in the system. If this condition is violated, the site administration will take measures.

7. How to open a deposit?

In order to open a deposit, register, enter your personal account and add funds to your account.

8. How many deposits can you open?

There are no restrictions on the number of deposits created.

9. Can I change the data in my account?

Yes. To do this, enter your personal account and select the appropriate section. Save the new data. If something cannot be changed, please contact our support team.

10. What is the minimum withdrawal amount?

The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.005 BTC for Bitcoin

11. Is there a commission for adding and withdrawal of funds?

No, there is no commission in the system. The investor pays only the commission of the chosen payment system, if any.

12. How long does it take to complete a withdrawal request?

Any requests to withdraw funds from your internal account are processed and confirmed within a few minutes, but may take up to 48 hours.

A withdrawal request can be rejected if the user has a negative balance at the time of withdrawal or the user has not passed the verification procedure.

13. What is a tariff and what types of tariffs can I purchase?

What do our tariffs represent? Let's figure it out:

Tariff - hash rate rented by the client for a certain period, at a fixed price and subject to a certain service fee.

Tariff term - the number of calendar days during which a certain type of tariff is valid from the moment of its purchase.

Service charge - a fixed value of the daily service commission per unit of capacity, set depending on the type of tariff.

You can purchase several types of tariffs from income in Bitcoin cryptocurrencies

14. How and when can I receive the generated Bitcoins and what are the fees for withdrawing funds?

Bitcoins are credited to your balance daily. Detailed statistics are available in the Personal Account. You can withdraw the mined cryptocurrency at any time by filling out the corresponding request. Withdrawals are made without additional commissions from our service.

15. What cryptocurrencies can be mined through your service?

We are now offering contracts for the two currencies that we believe deserve the most trust - Bitcoin (SHA256)

16. What pools do you use for mining?

We do not publish a list of the pools we use. Our main criteria for a good pool are reliability, reasonable commission and the number of rejections. Over time, we will also be mining a small amount of cryptocurrencies in solo mode (and transferring the collected commission to our users).

17. What to do if I forgot my password?

Click on the "Forgot your password?" Link located next to the "Login" button on the main page of our site. Go to your mailbox specified during registration and follow the instructions set out in the letter with the subject "Password recovery".

18. How the affiliate system works?

Affiliate reward is credited only if you paid for the minimum contract and attracted a new user who registered using your referral code and issued one of the presented contracts. For detailed information on possible bonuses, go to the Affiliate system page.

19. I still have questions, where can I contact?

If you did not find the answer to your question in the list of frequently asked questions, write to the support service.