About company


Morty International invites all people who have at their disposal a certain amount of money to act as an investor. You can choose any way to make money, from crypto trading to cloud mining. We will help you improve your well-being, because we have chosen a promising, cutting-edge direction! We are a team of professionals who are well versed in the world of cryptocurrencies. Geographically, we are located in the city of Morty Internationalsk (Republic of Sakha Yakutia). It's easy to guess that the company is named after its hometown!

Crypto trading as the main direction

Morty International employs experienced crypto brokers, analysts and financiers. Therefore, we feel confident in the field of crypto trading, since we know everything about digital money! Crypto trading is carried out on the two largest exchanges, which were not accidentally chosen by us as trading platforms. it:

Binance. One of the world's largest cryptocurrency exchanges, which was created in 2017, but was able to quickly "unwind", thanks to favorable conditions and reliability. On the Binance crypto exchange, you can trade several hundred types of cryptocurrencies. But on the other hand, there is no possibility of trading fiat money against crypt. The exchange has already eliminated this shortcoming, and now it is possible to buy digital money (not all, basic) for dollars and euros, but through credit cards. Coinbase. It is the largest American cryptocurrency exchange, created in 2012, which, 5 years after its opening, has earned its first billion. She has a "sister" - Coinbase Pro, which specializes only in cryptocurrency trading. On the Coinbase platform, it is possible to conduct fiat and cryptocurrency transactions. It is worth noting that on this crypto exchange you can trade with a limited list of coins. And it contains only the most promising positions, which on the one hand is an advantage!

It remains to add that both exchanges are ultra-reliable, secure and adapted for newbies. But if you do not want to personally engage in trading due to lack of time, knowledge and useful skills, then we are ready to do this job. The essence of cooperation with us is simple: we take your capital under our control and buy cryptocurrency. After waiting for the rate to rise, we sell the crypt at a higher price. Of course, this is the simplest scheme. In fact, crypto trading is a more complex field that requires remarkable analytical skills!

Cloud mining is a great deal
for company clients

  • Crypto mining is also a type of investment. Mining requires a competent approach, and only in this case, its annual profitability can be 120%, and if you try hard, even more. There are several ways to implement this venture: you buy a miner or just use a gaming computer with a powerful video card. But there is another option, which involves renting capacity (terra-hashes). Let's explain why cloud mining is a wiser decision. When buying a miner, there is always the opportunity to "run into pitfalls" in the form of increased power consumption, complexity of repair, the need for cooling, solid equipment requirements for wiring.
  • Mining on video cards will not bring tangible income, because the days when such a method was profitable are long gone! In addition, an expensive video card can quickly fail. Therefore, cloud mining remains "in the bottom line". Our specialists are responsible for the equipment operability. You only pay monthly service rent! Mining is becoming more and more difficult every day, so the "cloud path" is the only correct and inexpensive one in terms of finance. The profit depends on the amount of leased facilities: the more you rented, the more you earn!
  • Discover the world of making money on digital money, if you have not already done so. Morty International offers several ways to generate income, from which you can choose the best one for yourself! We have low commissions and great opportunities!